Big IT corporations or USA Government?

Nick Srnicek is a lecturer in the digital economy at King’s College London and wrote on The Guardian a paper about the idea to nationalizing the ownership of Google, Facebook, Amazon, companies that are building a monopoly in specific industries.

We’ve only begun to grasp the problem, but in the past, natural monopolies like utilities and railways that enjoy huge economies of scale and serve the common good have been prime candidates for public ownership. The solution to our newfangled monopoly problem lies in this sort of age-old fix, updated for our digital age. It would mean taking back control over the internet and our digital infrastructure, instead of allowing them to be run in the pursuit of profit and power.

I haven’t the same authority, but at the bottom, I don’t know if nationalizing ownership for all big IT players that actually are building a monopoly it’s a feasible thing. And I don’t know if it’s a right and reasonable idea. Are a huge quantity of data: is it better than the ownership remain to a private company that profiles us offering advertise or sells us commercial products or that Governments (or USA Federal Security Agencies) comb through on our digital life to increase people control?

It can appear a controversial answer, but for now, I think to prefer that my data are on Google, Facebook or Amazon hands.

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