Come back to Linux, bye bye Windows 10

I switched from Mac OSX to Windows 10 in July 2016. I found a beautiful OS (better than the predecessors) and efficient at the end of the day. I used Windows 10 every day on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and for 14 months I’m satisfied enough. Enough.

Sure, because if I exclude web applications for online services (same UX on every OS) I found all right software for my daily workflow: clipboard manager, text expander, PDF management, screenshot tools, a good terminal and another brief list, but I did not find a simple thing rare to find with an OS: feeling.

No, right, I do not miss just the emotional involvement, I miss know to have the hands on the machine, the possibility to customize the OS as I expect. Windows 10 is a huge platform that works, but as other jumbos it’s hard to customize. If you want to stay with the offer, you can. But if you want to change some UX options, you can’t. Not are me to find out this, obviously, but now I’m slamming my nose against.

Customizing for me it means Linux. I used Linux for years while I attended the university. Slackware first, Debian and Ubuntu after. When I finished studies, since 2008, I believed that the right way to work with a featured notebook was a MacBook (the white) and I abandoned Linux OS for my workstation. How I was wrong.

I’ll keep my Microsoft laptop – for now – but on my new desktop workstation, I’ll install directly a Linux distro, again. I do not know yet if I’ll use Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu Gnome or Elementary OS, but just from now, I feel more free and peaceful.

Welcome back, past. Welcome, future.

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