Easiest workflow with Todoist

My favorite app for a productive workflow is Todoist, a cross-platform project management software with awesome features without frivolousness. I use it from years; no competitor.

I delegate it all achievable things to remind. I don’t want to remember, I want reading every day a list, check when I achieve a task and forget it. Stop. To be clear, I’m not talking about the productivity methodologies or the better way to complete the most things in a less time etcetera, I talk about a simple and organized checklist to accomplish: Todoist excels.

Essentially I use my list in a simple way: I split my tasks into two separate sources: function (hosting, billings, managing, sales, and other areas) and customers. My functions are the projects, my customers are the labels. When I add a new task I’ll choose a function and one or more related customers (besides the deadline, priorities and potential notes). That’s all folk.

In this way all days I can easily detect tasks for the customers, for the functions or for a deadline (I prefer a view with next seven days).

Every day I follow my list, prioritize the tasks and challenge the day. If comings unexpected stuff – and it happens – I’ll have the free mind to think about. The rest are in Todoist’s hands.

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