I don’t know my passwords

I often read about the correct way to make your own personal password for online services: the algorithm. You must build your password following instructions and use the words, numbers, and symbols regarding your best movie, your favorite song, your birthdate, your football team best player and so on. Long and complex, if possible.

This method has a presupposition: you can’t forget how you have generated your password; you can’t forget your forgettable algorithm. A logical bug: if you forgot your algorithm, you forgot all your passwords (what happened, I know). And, in addition, if someone discovers your words keys, it can steal all your accesses.

Nope, I won’t remember my passwords, thanks.

I use LastPass on my browsers and on my mobile devices: the app generates for me the passwords with random characters. I don’t know my passwords. The software saves the keys and I use the software to sign in. Bye forgettable tricks.

Is it the right choice? Is it the most secure way? I’m sure that in this way the passwords are safe because stronger and, furthermore, I activated the two-factor authentication both for LastPass and all services that offer it.

LastPass it’s a secure platform? For now yes. Nothing is 100% secure, clear, but I trust.

I prefer to remember others useful and cool stuff.

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