Obstinate, confident and megalomaniac

Mark Zuckerberg is the richest man in the world – or almost – and, like all richest men in the world – or almost – has his own clear objectives: he’s announced that with their wife Priscilla, will be devoted mainly at their charity foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and less to his Facebook CEO role.

“Some nights I go to bed and I’m not sure if I made the right decisions.”

Many people bet that his love for humanity can it materialize in a call for the President of the United States of America new role.

The new one: “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” It’s a mouthful, but Zuckerberg suggests the tweaked focus will allow humanity to tackle “challenges we can only take on together,” such as “curing diseases, and stopping climate change, and spreading freedom and tolerance, and stopping violence.” He continues, “We have to build a world where people come together to take on these big, meaningful efforts.

Max Chafkin and Sarah Frier trace it a profile on Bloomberg, but they seem to paint the picture of an obstinate, confident and megalomaniac boy.

“There’s this myth in the world that business interests are not aligned with people’s interests. And I think more of the time than people want to admit, that’s not true. I think that they are pretty aligned.”

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